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Court Appointed Fiduciaries

We have been appointed in and completed many successful State court and Federal court equity receiverships of operating companies and post-judgment receiverships.

Our real operating corporate leadership experience as CEO, CFO, CRO, and board service on public, private equity, private and multinational boards, uniquely positions us to take on the tough equity and post-judgment cases in State and Federal court and achieve superior results.

Our corporate board service experience on public, private equity, private and multinational boards, uniquely positions us to serve  as a Provisional Director in a deadlocked corporate board situation to break the tie, and allow the company to move forward and create economic value.  In situations where we have served as a Provisional Director, we have been successful in resolving litigation between the parties and separating competing economic interests, thereby ensuring future business prosperity.

Richard Munro is a recognized Board Leadership Fellow and Directorship Certified (NACD D.C.) by the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD).

We have also been appointed by the court in family divorce cases, as its independent expert on community property business performance.

We are uniquely positioned to undertake these appointments because we have actually led, operated, and served on the board of real businesses, rather than acting as consultants.

Our services include:

  • Court Appointed Equity and Post-Judgment Receiver in State and Federal courts
  • Court Appointed Provisional Director
  • Liquidating Receiver or Trustee over a liquidating estate
  • Court Appointed expert to independently advise the Court on business performance matters
  • Business expert in Family court divorce or business dissolution situations
  • Serving in partnership disputes as a Receiver or Provisional Director
  • Orderly wind down and liquidation of businesses as a Receiver or Provisional Director

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